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Hi, I’m a farm kid, hailing from Alberta, Canada, who, up until high school, was going to just live on a farm and own horses and ponies and never get married (not even joking it’s written in one of my elementary school notebooks). In my high school years I got heavily involved with art. Drama, graphic design, comics, illustration and animation being my art of choice.
After high school, and working for a few years, I attended college. My professional education includes Lethbridge College’s Multimedia Program (g. 2010) and Capilano University’s Commercial Animation Program (g. 2012) both with honours with distinction.

I am now back to my cowboy roots living on the farm in Alberta freelancing, unmarried and own two horses and a pony. My 8 year old self would be proud!

When I’m not working on projects, I like taking photos, family history, reading, horse riding, drawing, doing farm stuff and putting “u” s in American words. I also love history and my home in Southern Alberta!